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Summer Camp Policies

Expectations of Student Behavior

Throughout the week we will be in public places, places of business, and around random members of the community or people visiting Wimberley. It is important that we work hard and together to maintain an excellent reputation, not only for each individual student personally, but also for the community of Wimberley.

As a former teacher and Juvenile Probation Officer, and a mother forever, I can tell you no one likes to discuss negative behavior. This goes for me as well, but unfortunately its a must. Students are required to exercise self control, and to display appropriate and acceptable behavior at all times. It’s understandable that it can be difficult at times, but everyone must realize that each student in the class deserves the same and equal respect we expect given to ourselves. It is noticed and appreciated when a student practices patience, self-restraint and discipline. Please explain this to your student at home before camp and ask that they become a team player in effort. If there is a problem you or your student believes needs attention, I ask that it be addressed with me one on one after class that day in person or by phone through the parent or guardian. My cell phone number will be given to each parent or guardian and to each student at the beginning of camp. Please caution your student to handle this privilege with respect, maturity and courtesy. Should there be an incident or situation that happens during class that bothers a student, I ask that the student please let me know when it occurs, and if it needs to be addressed at that moment or if it can wait until the end of class. Please make sure that your student understands this as it is important that everyone have an equally good time with their experience, both individually and as a group, and that it begins with respect.

Should any student display unacceptable behavior (as an example and not limited to - fighting, foul language, inappropriate comments or touching, theft, littering, etc.), the parent, guardian or other responsible party will be contacted for immediate pick up and the student will be excused from the camp for the remainder of the week without a refund.

Cell Phone Policy

Students are encourage to bring a cell phone for communication purposes. It is ask that they handle it with maturity and consideration with regard to others and the class as a whole. The main purpose of the class is to learn and enjoy it. With respect to that, it is ask that students refrain from texting and phone calls except for necessary communication with their parents, guardians or other responsible parties. Whereas a student may find the occasional opportunity or situation to use the camera on their cell phone, cell phones in general may not be used as the student’s main or only camera for the class.

Volunteers and Chaperones

A discount on camp fees is offered for any approved chaperone with experience in photography, teaching, directing youth activities, etc. who would like to commit to joining us for the week and be willing to answer questions and provide guidance for the students as needed.

Volunteers and chaperones must be over the age of 18 and connected directly with a registered student, such as a family member within the household or a family member such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle. Unaffiliated persons are not allowed to attend. There is a limited The number of adult guests that can attend per day is limited to 2, and must be registered with approval prior to attending. If there are more affiliated guests request to attend than space allowed, then selection will be based on a “first come, first serve” basis or day rotations. The choice will be a the discretion of Cynthia Lyons, or a representative of Cynthia Lyons Photography.

It is never a problem to help a guest further their knowledge in photography, but please keep in mind the focus of the camp is to teach the students and to provide for their safety first, this includes your child as well. Please keep questions to a minimum while students are in attendance and practice patience if you cannot get an answer quickly.

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