Dog Sports Photography

Please click on the link below to find and view your photos. Every effort is made to shoot 1-3 images of each participating dog at his/her best possible performance. However, at times there are certain situations that cannot be controlled, such as weather, position of the sun, set up of the test, etc. There are also times when an opportunity for a photograph simply may be missed, or may not be possible at all under the given circumstances. When this happens, the owner or handler may request that photographs be taken after the test is done and the last dog has run. Every effort will be made to meet this request.

Cynthia Lyons attends shows and tests as an independent free lance photographer at no fee or expense to the sponsoring club or organization. Having participated in the sport of dogs as both an owner and a handler, Cynthia understands the purpose of the test or show and works cooperatively with the event chairperson, judges and participants so as not to disrupt the integrity of the event or the performance of the dog. It is asked that the dog owners and handlers please understand that customized photographs and specific requests, such as a water entry, specific jump, etc., cannot be taken. The set up for photography during a live test or show is chosen specifically with the cooperation of the judges and the club, and is done in such a manner as not to compromise the dog’s performance or score. It must remain that way. Any owner, handler, or judge may request that no photo be taken of a dog if they feel it is in the best interest of the dog’s performance.

Cynthia is also available by request. A minimum fee of $100 per day will be charged if requested to attend a show, field event, club training day, or an organized group photo day. Depending upon the location, event or number of days, expenses for travel may also be included in the fee. Requests to photograph individual dogs or customized situations will be happily accommodated. Prints and CDs are not included in the fee and must be ordered separately.

Photo Availability

The link for viewing and purchasing photographs can be found at the bottom of this page. Photos are typically remain available for purchase for 1-2 weeks, then removed as space is limited and shared with other events. Each event will have it’s own password for viewing the photos taken. Passwords are either given at the test or made available after images are uploaded. If you do not know the password for your event, you may contact Cynthia using the contact information found on this site. All prints and CD images are from a professional photo lab and guaranteed for quality. Orders are purchased, completed and mailed out directly through the lab. A USB may or may not be available at the time of order. Please allow from 24-48 hours to four days for photos to be posted for viewing. If you do not find your photos immediately, please continue to check back periodically for a day or two after upload has started as some images take longer to edit than others. If you would like, you may request a notification sent by text with a link when the uploading is done and your images are online for viewing. Please keep in mind everyone is anxious to see their photos!

All images are copyrighted and permission must be obtained from Cynthia Lyons for any image to be used for advertising, websites, logos, etc. Photo credit is required for use of any photograph by Cynthia Lyons. Please allow 1-4 days for editing and uploading, depending upon the size of the event and if multiple events have been shot close together.

To view your dog’s images, please click on the link below and enter your password

Pricing & Service

Pre-event Event Portrait Post-event Delivery Prints available for purchase
Package 1 $100/hr after (no prorating)
Package 2 $100/hr after (no prorating) CD & flash drive of all photos
Package 3 CD & flash drive of all photos

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Questions about dog sports photography? Please contact Cynthia Lyons either by phone, 1-210-632-2488, or by email, If you do not receive an answer within 24-48 hrs, please feel free to attempt contact again. Your email or phone message may have been missed, technology is not always reliable!

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